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Why is the iron storage basket so beautiful?


Iron wire, ancient materials, often have a sense of metal, but it does not look too cold, and is a retro symbol that is popular all over the world. From stairs, gates, lighting to small decorations in the room, wrought iron decoration is gradually filling our living space. Storage can not only make the home tidy and orderly, but also become part of the decoration.

The wrought iron storage basket is tough but soft, retro and stylish, with a rugged American style. In addition to being beautiful, wrought iron is also very strong and resistant to tearing. Compared to plastics, neither sunlight nor the passage of time will damage it. Large storage baskets with large openings for books, sundries, fruits, snacks, and decorations are all good choices.


The wrought iron storage basket is a beautiful combination of old and new, and the intertwined lines look exquisite and pleasant.

In addition to the storage basket that is suitable for placement, there are also iron storage baskets that can be hung and hooked.

Triangle interlaced iron weaving, proper minimalist Nordic style. The main point is that the frame work is very careful. The matte matte hue makes the storage basket more textured. The flat edges on the top are carefully polished and comfortable to handle.

It is easy to hang and can be operated everywhere. The hook below is a clever design for storing small things. This storage basket is a good choice for the kitchen and the bathroom. The beauty photos of skin care products taken by fashion bloggers are indispensable for this iron storage basket!

The simple line style gives people a clean and refreshing feeling. If you mix and match it randomly, you will have unexpected effects. You can put some books, magazines, etc., and you can study, living room, etc., which is beautiful and practical.

High-quality hollow iron material, full solder joints, tough and firm, not easy to fall off, practical hollow, beautiful and practical. The simple lines outlined by the round iron are high-quality and practical.