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Seasonal storage techniques for wardrobes-storage baskets


It is recommended to store the baskets. When you need to store and organize your clothes when the season changes, the problem of storing and organizing your wardrobe is always a headache. You will feel that the clothes are not enough when you organize them. I want to put an extra wardrobe in the room to expand the storage capacity, but because of the space problem in the bedroom, it is not realistic to add another wardrobe.

Then it is a more critical thing to do wardrobe storage and finishing. Today, I will share with you the things and tips that should be paid attention to.


Small pieces of close-fitting socks, etc., can be separated by a drawer. There are small squares in the storage box that specializes in storing socks and close-fitting clothes in the market. Fast.

Categorize some areas and arrange T-shirts and shirts neatly like a file system. You can see the clothes you need at a glance, and it is also very convenient to take, without affecting the neatness of other clothes.

The wardrobe also needs to be adjusted according to the four seasons. The clothes that do not meet the season and are not often worn can be stored. You can use the storage box or storage box. During the storage process, remember to stack the clothes and label them, so that you can find them later when you need them.

The clothes you usually wear should be placed in a place where they can be easily picked up, sorted and stored, and time-saving and labor-saving when choosing clothes. Shelf manufacturers give you a little suggestion: When you come home to take off your clothes on weekdays, don't throw them around. Over time, the habit of making them will make your home more and more chaotic. Clothes that need to be changed should be thrown into the washing machine or laundry basket, and clothes that are not changed should be hung reasonably according to the classification.