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How to choose a cabinet drawer?


With the emergence of cabinet pull baskets and the efficient storage effect of cabinet pull baskets, families have effectively solved the troubles of kitchen storage. As the demand for cabinet baskets expands, the products of cabinet baskets are endless, and the quality is uneven. How will the poor quality baskets affect the daily life in the future? How to choose a high-quality cabinet basket?

We all know that pull baskets are hardware products, and hardware products have a shortcoming-rust, corrosion! The kitchen items are directly or indirectly related to our daily diet. If our dishes containing food are placed in a rusty basket for a long time, it is not only unhygienic, but also has a short service life and is expensive and laborious.


The quality of the basket is inseparable from the product material and processing technology. Generally, the cabinet basket of good quality will use very good steel in the selection of materials. The welding points of the basket are full and there is no virtual welding; the appearance of the basket is lubricated, it feels comfortable and no burrs.

In addition, the high-quality pull basket manufacturing plant now uses the world's most advanced 'nano spray coating' processing technology for spray processing, compared with the traditional 'electroplating' processing technology. For environmental protection and safety, and the gloss is brighter, and it can directly contact with food without affecting each other.