Le Yue household items

LETYEAH is a comprehensive hardware and household goods rack manufacturer integrating professional design, R & D, manufacturing, sales, export business and service. The company has a product exhibition hall and factory in Jiangmen Xinhui, with a plant area of 4000 square meters. Meters, equipped with advanced storage basket production equipment and automated production lines, introducing a full set of process technology to fully guarantee the quality, processing accuracy and production efficiency of kitchen storage racks, storage baskets and other products. With advanced technical equipment and processes, our company derives from the Nordic avant-garde design concept and strong product development capabilities, and constantly develops novel, stylish and differentiated household items. The company has a complete product classification and a rich series of items covering all aspects of home life, including kitchen storage racks, storage baskets, etc., providing customers with more complete and high-quality services with the concept of leading the international homeware design.