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A good home for the sundries at home: wrought iron storage basket


In the life of an increasing number of items, the things you want to use cannot be found, and the things you already have are repeatedly purchased. This situation is a waste of time, money and space.

Recently I have often heard "I have too many things" and "scattered and messy, every time I find something I have to turn around for a long time", today I will introduce you to the storage baskets of Le Yue.

The iron storage basket is a very good artifact for organizing messy items, saving space, clean and tidy, clear and simple, simple and convenient. The iron storage basket can be used to store daily small items, towels, etc. It is simple and retro, and the flower arrangement and storage of bread will have a good effect.

The simple shape and the common style of home decoration are combined. The design of the two-handle is easy to pick and place and carry. The metal material is beautiful, strong and durable. It is suitable for most environments in the home.


Can accommodate seasoning bottles. In Chinese cuisine, all kinds of spices and condiments are indispensable, and they always appear in groups. People like to put them away, and they will be on the shelf of the cabinet or the console when they need to cook next time Look for them in corners and sideboards. Group the spice bottles and spice bottles that often appear together. During the busy cooking time, as long as you put this iron storage basket at hand, you won't panic.

Good destination for snacks. Snacking in a refrigerator is a good wish of the editor, yes, it is just a good wish, because after all, not all families can buy a refrigerator to store snacks separately. Some snacks do not need to be put in the refrigerator, so find them a place to stay.

The classification is clearer. Items belonging to different uses can be distinguished using different cloth pockets. White books and magazines, toiletries, blue skin care products, etc.