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Clever use of wardrobe storage accessories


The kitchen is inseparable from wood, oil and salt, and the closet is also inseparable from clothes, pants and footwear. The storage problem in the kitchen is certainly a problem, but every season changes, the storage problem of the wardrobe is no less than the kitchen, but as long as you master the storage of the corresponding storage basket Principles and techniques, there is no need to worry about the mess of the wardrobe.

How to stuff a bunch of big guys into a small space like a wardrobe is always a problem for most people. First of all, the first step in the wardrobe storage is to calm down and think about your needs for the wardrobe and how to use the original space perfectly.

Add multiple layers of hangers to hang them one by one. In the stacking area, put knitted sweaters on the shelves, T-shirts and other clothes in a special storage basket, which is clear and clear. Use the storage box to distinguish according to the different quarters of clothing.

The most important thing to fold is to add a large-capacity storage basket. But pay attention to not being too high, try not to hinder the clothes hanging above, maximize the storage of the wardrobe space, and avoid the accumulation of clothes that is too high and more congested.

You can also add some suitable trouser racks. It is very practical when there is enough space. For storing trousers, the trouser rack is very convenient.

If there is a box with storage function in the closet, it can be physically partitioned with a freely-assembled insert partition.

According to the size of the cabinet, cut out the corresponding length of the insert, and then use the gap between the inserts like the tenon structure to connect generally, you can freely combine the desired cells.

The clothing and accessories of different functions are stacked in order, so that the space utilization rate of the entire wardrobe can be increased to more than 90%.