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How to choose kitchen pendant?


We all know how important the kitchen is to us, so that we will be more attentive when choosing kitchen supplies, focusing on practical safety and convenience. There are many types and brands of kitchen products on the market, how do we choose? Follow along with Le Yue Home Furnishing.

From the perspective of materials, kitchen pendants include stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic and so on. It is recommended that you buy high-quality stainless steel parts. The reason is simple: aluminum will oxidize, alloys will rust, plastics will deform, and stainless steel is plated well.


The high-quality stainless steel pendant can be easily made without rust for a long time, and has high corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, and longer service life. , Especially the base, moisture and water resistance will be better.

See if the surface is smooth and without burrs. Stainless steel kitchen pendants are usually made by welding to see if the solder joints are full, whether there is virtual welding, or if there is virtual welding, it is a substandard product, and the durability is greatly reduced.

It is recommended to use nano dry plating kitchen pendants. Nano dry plating technology has higher moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. After all, it is used in places such as kitchens that are often exposed to water and oil smoke.

The most ugly part of choosing pendants is the electroplated surface, because for ordinary consumers, the rough appearance is basically the same. Plating surface treatment is essential for stainless steel, which is related to the service life, smoothness and wear resistance of the product. At the same time, electroplating is also the largest cost of stainless steel other than copper.