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Kitchen storage rack-storage is no longer a problem


The kitchen is where we go in and out every day, so the kitchen storage rack is very important, and we should give full consideration before the decoration. Today we share with you, practical kitchen storage racks and other storage hardware to solve storage problems.

Small kitchens must make full use of every inch of space, especially the corner space. Special attention should be paid to the need to choose a monster basket or corner basket to effectively increase the cabinet space.

In the tall basket, all kinds of beverage bottles, beer bottles, milk can be safely stored. In order to make the drawer more organized, the internal partitions can be customized as needed, not only to prevent the items from rotating or sliding, but also to keep them organized.

Seasoning baskets are generally used to store a variety of seasoning basket storage baskets. Not only can the narrow aperture space between cabinets be used reasonably, but it is also very convenient when handling. In this way, bottles and jars do not need to be placed on the table.

The space basket of the hanging cabinet makes full use of the height, and now many of the hanging cabinet baskets are inductive type. When touched gently, the basket automatically rises, effortlessly.

Hanging rod storage is the most basic and functional hardware. It is simple and easy to use, and saves space on the table. Not only can you hang spoons, towels, and you can also put seasoning bottles.



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