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Dish Rack D001

Size: 40x30x13cm<
  • model :D001
  • category:Cutlery Rack
  • Release date:2020-05-21
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  • Product description

Are you still troubled by these problems? The residual water of clean kitchen utensils often drip on the countertop or stay in the bowl for a long time; bear children are naughty and self-willing, and the kitchen has dish cutters, worrying about the children bumping; the kitchen utensils scattered on the countertop are cluttered with bacteria.

Recommend the dish rack D001, let you enjoy the fun of the kitchen.

The dish rack can be unfolded for counters, sinks or above sinks. Non-slip retractable rubber handles and foot pads can protect the counter and sink from scratches. This dish rack can hold 10 plates or dishes, and the detachable white plastic cutlery rack is suitable for knives, forks and spoons. Drain the utensils, cups, vegetables and fruits in the rack.

Professional treatment, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion. The product has good hardness and natural high-strength abrasion resistance. It is not easy to crack even in dry areas in the north, and it is durable. The surface of the product adopts electroplating or powder spraying treatment technology, and the corrosion resistance of the packaged product. High temperature resistance and wear resistance. The hardness of the product is good, and the surface gloss can be maintained even in a humid environment.

Product features of kitchen storage rack:

1. Foot rubber material, increase friction and anti-skid, do not scratch the table

2. Thickened and upgraded material, stable weighing, enough for single layer

3. Rounded corners to prevent accidents and avoid bumps

4. The deep design of the dish tray makes the dishes tightly clamped and not easy to fall

5. Retractable rubber handle, non-slip


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