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Dish Rack D801

  • model :D801
  • category:Cutlery Rack
  • Release date:2020-05-21
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  • Product description

Are you still troubled by these problems? The residual water of clean kitchen utensils often drip on the countertop or stay in the bowl for a long time; bear children are naughty and self-willing, and the kitchen has dish cutters, worrying about the children bumping; the kitchen utensils scattered on the countertop are cluttered with bacteria.

Recommend the dish rack D801, let you enjoy the fun of the kitchen.

The rack manufacturer specializes in handling, acid and alkali resistant, non-corrosive. The product has good hardness and natural high-strength abrasion resistance. It is not easy to crack even in dry areas in the north, and it is durable. The surface of the product adopts electroplating or powder spraying treatment technology, and the corrosion resistance of the packaged product. High temperature resistance and wear resistance. The hardness of the product is good, and the surface gloss can be maintained even in a humid environment.


This two-piece dish rack is ideal for narrow spaces and smaller countertops; it is perfect for campers, RVs, boats, cabins, apartment studios; it is perfect for small space living and small families.

Compact dish rack: Mini dish drain rack can be placed on the counter of the kitchenette or directly in the kitchen sink; 12 slots are used to drain plates, glassware, tableware, etc .; if you want to be on the kitchen countertop To use it, use a kitchen towel under the drain to absorb water.

Clean counter: This dish rack is just the right size and beautiful style-it will keep your kitchen countertop free from dripping and overflowing, making dish washing less troublesome.

High-quality structure: made of sturdy metal wire with durable anti-rust coating; chopsticks box made of durable and sustainable eco-friendly bamboo; bamboo can naturally resist stains, odors and bacteria.


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