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Fruit Basket F001

  • model :F001
  • category:Kitchen Storage
  • Release date:2020-05-21
  • clicks number:0
  • Product description

This fruit basket is ideal for placing fresh fruits and vegetables, and is convenient to enjoy while cooking. Use a decorative banana stand to showcase fresh fruits and the characteristics of a modern kitchen.

This fruit basket with a banana hanger is designed with an open wire fence, which is ideal for storing fresh fruits at room temperature to make them ripe evenly. It is also ideal for storing vegetables of different sizes and types.

It has the elegance, quality and durability of rust and moisture resistant coatings.

The weight of hanging bananas on a shelf will not turn the fruit tray over even if it is empty, unlike any other cheap, shaky, fragile fruit rack.

The tall banana rack provides enough storage space for the basket below.

Our counter fruit bowl adds beauty to your kitchen countertop, breakfast and dining table. This will seamlessly blend into rustic, traditional and modern decoration. It is a fruit basket recommended by the shelf manufacturer.


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