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Toilet Paper Holder T001

  • model :T001
  • category:Bathroom Hanger
  • Release date:2020-05-21
  • clicks number:0
  • Product description

Store toilet paper on a convenient wall-mounted shelf with a fixed rod; store standard and extra-large toilet paper rolls; one end of the shelf is open, so you can easily and quickly slide the toilet paper roll into place; the shelf provides It is convenient to use wipes and FAC. All paper towels, reading materials, toiletries, mobile phones, etc. are concentrated in one shelf. Shelf manufacturers strongly recommend it.

Save space: quickly and efficiently distribute a roll of toilet paper; use this fast and convenient wall-mounted shelf to maximize your space and eliminate clutter; use the additional wall space in the main bathroom or guest bathroom to create a convenient storage space; Enlarge the space while keeping your essentials readily available; make room on dressers, countertops, cabinets; for actual storage or decorative displays with candles and other items on shelves.


Easy to install: The versatile design adds charm and style to any interior; use the included hardware for quick installation; use it wherever you need to store disposable towels and other items.

High-quality structure: made of sturdy steel wire with a durable rust-proof surface.


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