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Toilet Paper Holder T601

  • model :T601
  • category:Bathroom Hanger
  • Release date:2020-05-21
  • clicks number:0
  • Product description

Compact design: this convenient bathroom shelf provides a centralized location to store and store bathroom supplies, plus a roll of paper towels, all in a space-saving space; the large top basket has an easily accessible front opening, Ideal for magazines, crossword puzzles and Sudoku books, newspapers, magazines, paperbacks, and smart tablets; the lower shelf is ideal for hand-washing disinfectants, lotions, facial tissues, disposable wipers, and cell phones.

Maximize space: Use unused wall space to create additional storage shelves for your home; this bathroom hanging fixture is ideal for small bathrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, and powder rooms; it is ideal for spaces without built-in tissue holders; toilet paper is easy To refill, just slide a new open arm on the bottom to roll; make room behind the toilet tank or shelf to keep things neat; very suitable for small space living, apartments, apartments, RVs, campers and cabins.

Modern storage: The open grid design adds a retro / farmhouse style to any bathroom environment, and the shelf manufacturer provides a vertical storage solution for all your bathroom needs; the three-tier design puts all daily necessities in one place, while Create a debris-free bathroom environment. Suitable for you and your guests; includes wall-mounted hardware for quick installation.

High-quality structure: made of sturdy steel wire with a durable rust-proof surface.


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