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Storage Basket S101B

  • model :S101B
  • category:Storage Basket
  • Release date:2020-05-21
  • clicks number:0
  • Product description

Simple storage: these large-capacity storage baskets are ideal for controlling the clutter of the bathroom by storing all the necessary items; storing and organizing hairdryers, makeup brushes, hand towels, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, cosmetics, etc .; used side by side or in combination . Storage boxes of other designs for storage baskets can create the most suitable storage solution for you; the ultra-thin design is ideal for storage on narrow shelves or cabinets with limited storage space.

Portable: The storage frame is equipped with an integrated handle that is easy to carry and built into it for easy movement from the cabinet to the shelf to the table; easy to carry; it is the perfect storage solution for modern bathrooms and closets; the integrated handle makes it the upper shelf Ideal choice. You can use the handle to pull them down; you can place a variety of items-such as linen, towels, laundry needs, additional toiletries, lotion, bath toys, etc.

Versatility: These multi-function storage baskets can also be used in other rooms of the family. Use in craft rooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, bedrooms, kitchen pantry, offices, garages, toy rooms, and game rooms; design tips: create a storage point for outdoor accessories in the garage or at the door for baseball caps, hats, Gloves and scarves; versatile, lightweight and easy to transport, suitable for apartments, apartments, dormitories, RVs and campers.

High-quality structure: made of sturdy steel wire, with durable anti-rust surface; easy to maintain.


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