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Hanging Basket Under Partition U301

  • model :U301
  • category:Kitchen Storage
  • Release date:2020-05-21
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  • Product description

It is very suitable for any place, and can be used for a long time --- you can put them anywhere under the counter, such as cabinets, cupboards, shelves, desks, and even wardrobes. With spacious space, you can easily store and remove your belongings. The under-basket hanging basket U301 is made of high-quality anti-rust metal and can be used for a long time.

No tools needed-just hang two strong hooks, this beautiful and stable hanging wire rack can put your food or tools neatly on it. This white wire basket can withstand a weight of 10 pounds. You can put cups, plates, napkins, wrapping paper, or anything you need for easy carrying and carrying. Don't forget to measure your cabinet --- we provide the correct measurement for the hanging wire basket on the product picture. 26 * 26 * 19cm. Only applicable to cabinets with a thickness not exceeding 1.2 inches.

Organize your things-put the book under the shelf, put the tie in the closet, and even store children's toys even after playing. Order this magical under-table storage room now and keep your house tidy!