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Hanging Basket Under Partition U401

  • model :U401
  • category:Kitchen Storage
  • Release date:2020-05-21
  • clicks number:0
  • Product description

No tools required: simple and easy to use, just put the U401 under the partition in the basket under the shelf on your kitchen shelf, you can get instant space. Put it wherever you like.

Multiple uses: This stackable hanging basket is widely used in kitchens, bedrooms, offices, desks and shelves. Just hang two sturdy hooks, and this beautiful and stable storage box will put your tools, plants, towels, food, boxes neatly.

Rugged: Durable wire storage basket under the shelf made of high-quality durable metal. Carbon steel structure, durable anti-rust coating, no rust, no flaking, no scratches.

Hanging basket: equipped with 2 stackable metal wire hanging baskets, which can be used for two stacks, saving more space.